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Leave no trace of your electronic correspondence

Before e-mail, we sent letters to each other and in the business world, they were like mini-contracts. Whatever was said in those documents could be used to confirm agreements, conditions, promises made, whatever. Now ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Internet
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New browsers aim to corral social-network explosion

It just got to be too much - the 255 Facebook friends, the four e-mail accounts, the Flickr and Picasa photo albums, the LinkedIn updates, the daily tech blogs I follow and the Twitter feed that never stops disgorging ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Internet
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Tropical depression halts drilling at Gulf well

(AP) -- Drilling the final feet of a relief well intended to permanently plug the busted BP oil well deep below the Gulf of Mexico will have to wait two to three days as a strengthening tropical depression ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Environment
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