Archive: 08/11/2005

China to send pork sperm on space flight

The next manned space flight of China will carry capsules of pedigree pig sperm in a test that scientists hope will ultimately produce better quality pork.

Aug 11, 2005
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Siberian permafrost melting

Russian scientists said the western Siberian sub-Arctic region -- a peat bog the size of France and Germany -- has begun to thaw.

Aug 11, 2005
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'Gadonanotubes' greatly outperform existing MRI contrast agents

Researchers at Rice University, the Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Houston and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have created a new class of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast ...

Aug 11, 2005
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Erotic images, gore cause temporary "blindness"

If your partner seems to be ignoring you after a flash of nudity on the television screen, it might not be his or her fault. New research indicates that people shown erotic or gory images frequently fail to process what they ...

Aug 11, 2005
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Yahoo! move will impact China's e-commerce

Plans by Yahoo! to invest $1 billion for a 35-percent to 40-percent stake in Chinese B2B and auction firm will change the competitive landscape in China's e-commerce market, analysts told United Press International. ...

Aug 11, 2005
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Mars Orbiter Launch Delayed Until Friday

Today's launch of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been postponed due to a fuel level sensor issue with the Centaur upper stage aboard the Atlas V rocket.

Aug 11, 2005
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No strong link seen between violent video games and aggression

Results from the first long-term study of online videogame playing may be surprising. Contrary to popular opinion and most previous research, the new study found that players' "robust exposure" to a highly violent online gam ...

Aug 11, 2005
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Key Website Research Highlights Gender Bias

A first-of-its-kind study conducted by experts at the University of Glamorgan has proved that men and women really are poles apart when it comes to what catches their eye on the internet.

Aug 11, 2005
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Black Hole Blows Bubble Between The Stars

A team of astronomers from The Netherlands and the UK has discovered a vast "jet-powered bubble" formed in the gas around a black hole in the Milky Way.

Aug 11, 2005
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Of Shuttles And Shenzhou

The safe return of the shuttle Discovery and her crew has brought relief to spacewatchers around the globe. But NASA's human spaceflight program remains mired in concerns over the safety of any subsequent shuttle missions, ...

Aug 11, 2005
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