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Seismologists Study Mining-Induced Earthquakes

The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, the premier scientific journal dedicated to earthquake research, has just published a trio of articles about earthquakes caused by underground coal mining in east-central ...

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Studies relate life experiences to brain structure

Recent studies from the lab of neuroscientist Elizabeth Gould are helping to show how major experiences -- such as early-life traumas -- can have a long-term effect on the structure of the brain. In one study published las ...

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NVIDIA Previews nForce4 SLI for Intel at CeBIT 2005

NVIDIA Corporation, a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today announced the Company will preview its upcoming NVIDIA nForce4 core-logic solutions for Intel CPUs which includes support for NVIDIA SLI ...

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Can a robot learn to navigate like a cockroach?

Can a robot learn to navigate like a cockroach? To help researchers find out if a mechanical device can mimic the pesky insect's behavior, a Johns Hopkins engineering student has built a flexible, sensor-laden ...

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Apple Joins Blu-ray Disc Association

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced that Apple has joined the consortium and will become a member of the Board of Directors. "Apple is pleased to join the Blu-ray Disc Association board as part of our efforts to ...

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Hassled galaxy 'thriving on chaos'

Powerful but unknown forces are at work in a small companion galaxy of the Milky Way, astronomers say in today's issue of the journal Science. Something is keeping the structure and magnetic field of this galaxy–the Large Magellani ...

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