Archive: 01/11/2006

XM Radio set to battle Apple's iPod

XM Radio is the latest company to step in the ring with Apple's iPod. The satellite radio provider has teamed up with Samsung and Pioneer Electronics to create a pair of devices that combine on-the-go XM service with MP3 ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Netflix tops online satifsaction list

Sometime it can hurt to be too successful, or so some online retailers might start to think. For now, though, it seems that companies focused purely on selling via the Internet are more successful at the e-retailing business ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Geophysicists revisit 'The Big One,' create new quake model

Almost a century after the 1906 earthquake, Stanford geophysicists have revisited San Francisco's "Big One" and now paint a new picture of a fault that was ready to go and that ruptured farther and faster than ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Stardust Capsule Set to Return to Earth on Sunday

This Sunday morning (15th January) at 10.12am GMT a capsule containing dust from Comet Wild 2 will return to Earth landing in the Utah Desert near Salt Lake City. The landing of the capsule marks the return ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Climate Change Drives Widespread Amphibian Extinctions

Results of a new study provide the first clear proof that global warming is causing outbreaks of an infectious disease that is wiping out entire frog populations and driving many species to extinction.

Jan 11, 2006
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Kuiper Belt Moons Are Starting to Seem Typical

In the not-too-distant past, the planet Pluto was thought to be an odd bird in the outer reaches of the solar system because it has a moon, Charon, that was formed much like Earth's own moon was formed. But Pluto is getting ...

Jan 11, 2006
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The forgotten methane source

In the last few years, more and more research has focused on the biosphere; particularly, on how gases which influence the climate are exchanged between the biosphere and atmosphere. Researchers from the Max ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Wearable iPod gear at Macworld

Sometimes it's the strange and almost accidental discoveries that become the most useful. This is especially true at a technology conference like Macworld Expo, wherein an obscure but good idea can be transformed into a wide ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Why the brain has 'gray matter'

By borrowing mathematical tools from theoretical physics, scientists have recently developed a theory that explains why the brain tissue of humans and other vertebrates is segregated into the familiar "gray ...

Jan 11, 2006
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Research reveals star forming activity

Where do elements, such as iron in our blood or calcium in our bones, come from? Astronomers say they come from thermonuclear reactions in hundreds of millions of stars that burn at high temperatures in our ...

Jan 11, 2006
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