Archive: 11/10/2008

Cancer risk from cardiac CT overstated: researchers say

Radiology and cardiovascular researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, S.C., today presented new data that shows the risk of cancer from exposure to radiation during computed tomography for ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in Cancer
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Chemical magic in the mouth

Scientists in Switzerland are reporting that bacteria in the human mouth play a role in creating the distinctive flavors of certain foods. They found that these bacteria actually produce food odors from odorless ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in
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New insights into thalidomide-birth defect episode

Scientists in Germany have discovered why the medication thalidomide appeared safe in animal tests before going on the market 50 years ago, only to cause perhaps the most extensive outbreak of drug-induced birth defects in ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in
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Prototyping with industrial robots

Ship's propellers, parts for wind energy converters, turbine housings – such large-volume castings can only be produced with special molds. The procedure is elaborate and cost-intensive because foundry workers ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in Engineering
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