Archive: 10/10/2007

Storing data on atomic roundabouts

There are right-handed and left-handed yoghurts, right-handed and left-handed snail shells, and right-handed and (occasionally) left-handed screws. Scientists at the University of Bonn have now demonstrated the existence ...

dateOct 10, 2007 in General Physics
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Mathematicians predict the future of the past tense

Verbs evolve and homogenize at a rate inversely proportional to their prevalence in the English language, according to a formula developed by Harvard University mathematicians who've invoked evolutionary principles to study ...

dateOct 10, 2007 in Mathematics
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Fiber optic breakthrough in display sign technology

Liquid Fiber Displays, a company spun out of research conducted in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, has combined a uniquely woven optical fiber array with current LCD (liquid crystal display) and LED (light-emitting ...

dateOct 10, 2007 in Engineering
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