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Scientist thinks bad-boy stars may produce elusive particle

Stand too close to a neutron star, and you'll lose the fillings in your teeth and the iron in your blood. Try to land on one, and you'll turn into liquid. Set a sugar cube-size sample of neutron star material on a table, ...

Jun 10, 2005
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Argonne research could lead to cooler aluminum production

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and NorandaFalconbridge, Inc. are developing a way to produce aluminum at significantly reduced temperatures. The collaborative research effort could ...

Jun 10, 2005
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Argonne's near-frictionless carbon coatings find new use

A research collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and the Kurt J. Lesker Company will study the durability of nearly frictionless carbon surface coatings in high-performance, vacuum ...

Jun 10, 2005
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Discovery Ready To Roll

The Space Shuttle Discovery is set to roll out to Launch Pad 39B at KSC with an upgraded External Tank (ET). First motion is targeted for 3 a.m. EDT, Tuesday, June 14.

Jun 10, 2005
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Major Award for Carbon Natotube Partners

CSIRO and the NanoTech Institute of the University of Texas at Dallas have won the 2005 Avantex Innovation Prize for their breakthrough discovery of how pure carbon nanotubes can be spun into strong, flexible, electrically ...

Jun 10, 2005
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Quantum dots detect viral infections

In what may be one of the first medical uses of nanotechnology, a chemist and a doctor who specializes in infectious childhood diseases have joined forces to create an early detection method for a respiratory vir ...

Jun 10, 2005
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Measuring a monster

Highlights from final report on December 26, 2004 tsunami's impact in Banda Aceh Waves more than 15 meters (49 feet) high. Flooding of 25 square miles of land. A coastline moved a mile. In a brief report in the June 9, 200 ...

Jun 10, 2005
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