Archive: 04/10/2008

The good and bad side of anti-cancer compounds

Compounds known as “HDAC inhibitors” exhibit cancer-killing activities in cultured cells. While they are currently being tested as anti-cancer agents in clinical trials, just how they execute their effects is unclear.

dateApr 10, 2008 in Cancer
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Scientists uncover the potential to control adult stem cells

Research being presented today at the UK National Stem Cell Network Annual Science Meeting in Edinburgh represents a step towards the use of Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) to repair damaged tissue. Speaking at the conference in ...

dateApr 10, 2008 in
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The coldest brown dwarf ever observed

An international team led by French and Canadian astronomers has just discovered the coldest brown dwarf ever observed. Their results will soon be published in Astronomy & Astrophysics. This new finding was ma ...

dateApr 10, 2008 in Astronomy
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