Archive: 03/10/2008

Researchers crack code of 3-D structure in key metabolic protein

Using X-ray crystallography, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine led by structural biologist Joanne I. Yeh, Ph.D., have become the first to decipher the three-dimensional structure of a membrane-bound ...

Mar 10, 2008
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Potential brain cancer drug for children may damage bones

A novel drug that fully eliminated brain tumors from mice in a dramatic 2004 study has shown a darker side—causing permanent bone damage in younger mice. The researcher who conducted both studies says the disappointing ...

Mar 10, 2008
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Meaningful monkey calls

Researchers have made what they say is the first experimental demonstration that a primate other than humans conveys meaning by combining distinct alarm calls in particular ways. The study appears in the March 11th issue ...

Mar 10, 2008
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A cellphone base station in every home

If you've ever had trouble getting a connection for your cellphone in your home, you could soon take matters into your own hands. Instead of relying on an overworked base station, consumers may be able to ...

Mar 10, 2008 weblog
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Sniffing out uses for the 'electronic nose'

Despite 25 years of research, development of an “electronic nose” even approaching the capabilities of the human sniffer remains a dream, chemists in Germany conclude in an overview on the topic. Their review of R&D on ...

Mar 10, 2008
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