Archive: 02/10/2006

Making Sense of Plant Smells

A trip to the neighborhood florist is proof positive that flowers have an array of scents to pique our senses, but researchers are also investigating the myriad other functions of these aromas--known to scientists ...

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Mobile remittance gains ground in the Philippines

Rod Durmiendo is a software developer in Manila, and like many Filipinos, he sends money back home to family members living outside of the capital. In Durmiendo's case, he sends money to his brother in the southern city of ...

Feb 10, 2006 4.1 / 5 (11) 0

Wireless World: 'The Thumbdance Channel'

You've heard of the "Sundance Channel," the independent movie network on cable TV founded by Robert Redford. Someday you may be hearing more about the "Thumbdance Channel" and other mobile-phone nets, from FreemantleMedia, ...

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