Archive: 01/10/2005

New car radio solution with multilingual support

Fraunhofer IIS presented the first DRM chip design for car radios. This car radio solution will enable drivers to select their preferred radio program from hundreds of different radio stations. However, it is something more ...

Jan 10, 2005
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New research shines a light on why women live longer than men

Research by exercise scientists at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) may have an answer to the age old question of why women live longer than men. On average, women live longer than men and women over 60 are now the ...

Jan 10, 2005
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Nanotechnologists' new plastic can see in the dark

Imagine a home with "smart" walls responsive to the environment in the room, a digital camera sensitive enough to work in the dark, or clothing with the capacity to turn the sun's power into electrical energy. ...

Jan 10, 2005
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