Archive: 12/1/2010

Preterm infants may need a boost

A new study suggests that preterm infants may not be fully protected against invasitve pneumococcal disease under the current United Kingdom immunization schedule. The findings are reported in the November issue of the journal ...

Dec 01, 2010
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Protein protects cancer cells from oxidative stress

High levels of a protein called thioredoxin-like 2 helps protect cancer cells from the oxidative stress that they generate as they grow and invade tissues throughout the body, said a consortium of researchers led by those ...

Dec 01, 2010
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The end of chronic pain

Patients with constant pain symptoms and extreme fear of this pain can be treated effectively by repeatedly exposing them to 'scary' situations. This is the conclusion of Dutch researcher Jeroen de Jong. Patients with pain ...

Dec 01, 2010
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