Archive: 09/1/2005

Bumblebee See, Bumblebee Do

Just as travelers figure out which restaurant is good by the numbers of cars in the parking lot, bumblebees decide which flowers to visit by seeing which ones already have bee visitors. Bumblebees that watched ...

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How two liquids mix at the surface: an atomic view

Whenever cream is poured into coffee, these two liquids form a homogeneous mixture, which is difficult to separate again. Other liquids, such as water and oil, do not mix, instead forming emulsions, such as ...

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Cingular, LG launch two new cell phones

Cingular Wireless and LG Electronics Thursday launched two new handsets with GSM, the C2000 low cost clamshell camera phone and the lightweight, great value C1500 clamshell phone. The C2000 and C1500 models ...

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Mouse genome much more complex than expected

More than 100 scientists from Australia, Asia, Europe and the US have been probing the genome of the mouse in a joint study lasting several years. Their results in some aspects have completely overturned geneticists' traditional ...

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Hurricane still keeping telecoms down

Just days after Hurricane Katrina made communication nearly impossible in the Gulf Coast region, national wireless phone companies said they did everything they could to prevent loss of service.

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