Archive: 1/08/2006

Sign language study reveals key finding about short-term memory

For decades, researchers have misunderstood a key aspect of short-term memory because of shortcomings in the way they compare the memory capacity of deaf people who use American Sign Language (ASL) and hearing people, according ...

dateAug 01, 2006 in
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Forecast: Showers and Thunderstorms

People planning baseball games, picnics, and other outdoor events may have more precise short-term forecasts of rainfall in the next few years, thanks to an observing strategy now being tested by atmospheric scientists at ...

dateAug 01, 2006 in Earth Sciences
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Seeing the unseen universe

A new method for incorporating astronomical observational data into computer simulations promises to be a significant advance in enabling future cosmological surveys aimed at understanding dark energy and dark matter. Dark ...

dateAug 01, 2006 in General Physics
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