Archive: 05/1/2007

NIST Advises on RFID Security Risks

The National Institute of Standards and Technology describes some potential dangers of implementing RFID and offers guidelines and best practices for mitigating the risks.

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S.F. Traffic Snarl a Win for Telecommuting

The gasoline tanker that crashed and burst into flames near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge April 29 did more than melt and collapse a stretch of the highway overpass; it enlivened the debate about whether all in-house ...

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Corals -- More complex than you?

The humble coral may possess as many genes – and possibly even more – than humans do. And remarkably, although it is very distant from humans in evolutionary terms, it has many of the immune system genes ...

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Urbanization favors sedentary males

Urbanization changes landscapes and local environments, which can alter the life histories and traits of the creatures living in and around these areas. Studying European blackbirds (Turdus merula), Jesko Partecke and Eberhard ...

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DOS Extortion Fading

The economics of Denial Of Service blackmailing isn't working out, and botnet owners are shifting to other, less risky crimes.

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