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Study first to show evolution's impact on ecosystems

Scientists have come to agree that different environments impact the evolution of new species. Now experiments conducted at the University of British Columbia are showing for the first time that the reverse is also true.

dateApr 01, 2009 in Evolution
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Procedure improves health of cancer patients

A novel hemodialysis procedure helps restore kidney function and increases lifespan in patients with multiple myeloma, according to a study appearing in the April 2009 issue of the Clinical Journal of the Am ...

dateApr 01, 2009 in Cancer
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How do we support today’s Einsteins?

Is today's academic and corporate culture stifling science’s risk-takers and stopping disruptive, revolutionary science from coming to the fore? In April’s Physics World the science writer Mark Buchanan looks at those ...

dateApr 01, 2009 in Other
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Investigation detects cyber espionage network

( -- The Information Warfare Monitor - a joint effort of the SecDev Group (Ottawa) and the Citizen Lab (University of Toronto) - detected a cyber espionage network involving over 1,295 compromised computers in ...

dateApr 01, 2009 in Computer Sciences
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