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Why we need research (Video)

( -- In a time of budgetary crisis, we are reminded of the crucial role research universities play in the development of communities on local, national and global levels.

dateMar 01, 2011 in Other
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Space image: Conjoined

( -- The docked space shuttle Discovery and the Canadian-built Dextre, also known as the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator, are featured in this photograph taken by the STS-133 crew aboard the ...

dateMar 01, 2011 in Space Exploration
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Probing atomic chicken wire

( -- Graphene, the material that makes up pencil "lead," could someday make electronic devices smaller, faster and more energy-efficient. Providing the first detailed analysis of graphene on boron ...

dateMar 01, 2011 in Nanomaterials
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