Archive: 03/1/2007

Why do birds migrate?

Why do some birds fly thousands of miles back and forth between breeding and non-breeding areas every year whereas others never travel at all?

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Probing Question: What's killing the honey bees?

Far away from the snowdrifts outside our windows, spring is unfolding in California as the almond trees begin to bloom. Missing from the party are millions of honey bees typically trucked in to pollinate the ...

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Hands-off shoe fitting

A new technology puts an end to the tedious business of buying shoes: Customers can now try on a variety of models in front of a virtual mirror without changing their shoes. They can navigate through the collection ...

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Mobile motivators

Whether you are learning a foreign language, training for the city marathon or want to lose five kilos – the digital motivator eCoach will help you to achieve your personal goals. The system runs on any cell ...

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