Archive: 09/09/2008

New Research on Nanodiamond Materials

In a recent special issue of Chemical Vapor Deposition devoted to nanodiamonds, editors Amanda Barnard and Oliver Williams note that "the diversity of nanocarbon structures and allotropes has led to a plethora of growth techniques ...

dateSep 09, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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'Smart' shock absorbers for quake-prone structures

Rice University structural engineering researchers are leading a new $1.6 million research program funded by the National Science Foundation to help design a new generation of adaptive, "smart" shock absorbers for buildings ...

dateSep 09, 2008 in Engineering
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Palin, religion, the 2008 election

Although Sarah Palin's entry into the 2008 presidential race has energized the religious right within the Republican Party, don't expect religion to be a major issue in this year's election, says University of Alabama at ...

dateSep 09, 2008 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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