Archive: 07/09/2012

Taking nothing at face value

Photographs of faces may not be adequate proof of a person's identity and this could have serious implications for the accuracy of passport photographs in determining identity. Research funded by the Economic and Social Research ...

dateJul 09, 2012 in Social Sciences
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Canadian nuclear technology company workers strike

(AP) — About 800 nuclear scientists, engineers and technologists at a Canadian nuclear technology company hit the picket lines Monday after negotiators failed to reach a contract before the strike deadline, ...

dateJul 09, 2012 in Business
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DNA type polymer for nanoelectronics

Scientists and engineers often turn to nature for inspiration and clues on how to do things more efficiently and effectively. European researchers successfully induced self-assembly of a novel electrically ...

dateJul 09, 2012 in Nanomaterials
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Swarming drones could save lives at sea

( -- Inspired by the swarming patterns of animals in nature, a UNSW aerospace engineering PhD student is using biomimicry to improve the marine search and rescue capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles ...

dateJul 09, 2012 in Engineering
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