Archive: 04/09/2007

Invasive grass may impede forest regeneration

The nonnative invasive grass Microstegium vimineum may hinder the regeneration of woody species in southern forests. Chris and Sonja Oswalt (Forest Service Southern Research Station) and Wayne Clatterbuck (University of Tennessee) ...

Apr 09, 2007
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Segment of a 'Quantum Repeater' Demonstrated

Physicists at the California Institute of Technology have succeeded for the first time in the distribution of "entanglement" in a way that could lead to long-distance quantum communications, scalable quantum networks, and ...

Apr 09, 2007
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Deep South Plant Specimen Imaging Project

Here in the East Gulf Coastal Plain, one of North America’s premier and most imperiled regions for botanical biodiversity, Florida State University is leading an ambitious project that will create high-resolution ...

Apr 09, 2007
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Progress against sarcoma

University of Utah geneticists have engineered mice that can develop synovial sarcoma – a significant early step toward developing new treatments for the aggressive, deadly cancer that most often kills teenagers ...

Apr 09, 2007
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