Archive: 11/08/2005

Nano World: Power for soldiers, sat phones

Nanotechnology-based power sources are expected to emerge in the next two years that could dramatically reduce the weight that soldiers carry and boost how long satellite phones can last, experts told UPI's Nano World.

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Scientists Unravel Midwest Tornado Formation

Although tornadoes are usually thought of as springtime storms that develop in early evenings out of isolated weather cells, the twister that touched down in Indiana in the middle of the night this past weekend ...

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Spirit's 'Everest' Panorama

If a human with perfect vision donned a spacesuit and stepped onto the martian surface, the view would be as clear as this sweeping panorama taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit.

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Changes to Embryo Can Elicit Change in Adult

In a study illustrating the apparent linkages between the evolutionary development and embryonic development of species, researchers have uncovered the genetic elements that determine the structure and function of a simple ...

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Trade unionism hits India's BPO

They may be considered the sweatshop laborers of the information age in the developed world, but call-center and help-desk workers are considered to be professional elites in India.

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Paris rioters get an edge with cell phones

As violence continues to rage in the suburbs of Paris, tension runs high between the rioting immigrant youths and the French authorities. But while public opinion may be divided on whether resorting to violence will finally ...

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