Archive: 08/09/2008

New paper sheds light on bacterial cell wall recycling

A new paper by a team of researchers led by Shahriar Mobashery, Navari Family Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, provides important new insights into the process by which bacteria recycle their cell ...

dateSep 08, 2008 in
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Fathers need their children

Single fathers should never be prevented from seeing their children. Even in the toughest family conflicts, interaction should always continue between father and child according to sociologist Germain Dulac, a researcher ...

dateSep 08, 2008 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Human trials of universal flu vaccine begin

Clinical trials of a new vaccine that could protect against multiple types of flu are beginning at Oxford University. If successful, the ‘universal’ flu injection would transform the way we vaccinate against influenza ...

dateSep 08, 2008 in Medications
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