Archive: 07/08/2008

Canon Announces EOS Rebel XS SLR Camera

Canon USA today announced the introduction of the EOS Rebel XS, a new entry-level digital camera that affordably puts Canon SLR technology such as an Optical Imaged Stabilized lens and easy-to-use professional ...

Jul 08, 2008
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Protein on 'speed' linked to ADHD

A genetic change in the dopamine transporter – one of the brain's dopamine-handling proteins – makes it behave as if amphetamine is present and "run backward," Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators report ...

Jul 08, 2008
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New Spray Improves Plants' Cold Tolerance

Studies indicate a spray co-developed by a University of Alabama scientist increases plants’ tolerance of cold temperatures by several degrees.

Jul 08, 2008
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FLASH Imaging Redux: Nano-Cinema is Born

Flash imaging of nanoscale objects undergoing ultrafast changes is now a technical possibility, according to a recent paper published in the June 22 edition of Nature Photonics. The results are a direct precur ...

Jul 08, 2008
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