Archive: 06/08/2006

Researchers Discover the 'Big Sperm Paradox'

Syracuse University Ph.D. student Adam Bjork is a man on a mission: to unlock the mysteries of cryptic female choice. He’s not studying psychology or trying to get a date—he’s a student of biology in ...

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RIAA objecting to free vid sites

In the realm of copyright conflicts, only the skirmishes change; the core issues remain the same. Several years after its heightened battle against music-file swapping over peer-to-peer sharing networks, the Recording Industry ...

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Chipmakers shrug off economic worries

Oil prices continue to go up, and there is growing concern about inflation putting a damper on economic growth across the globe. Yet while it may be easy enough to be wary of global growth prospects, the electronics ...

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Experts applaud massive fish kill

Illinois state officials say they are thrilled by the mysterious deaths of thousands of invasive Asian carp in the Illinois River last week.

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Scientist Finds 'Genetically Distinct' Shark

Biology professor Dr. Joe Quattro, collaborating with Dr. Jim Grady at the University of New Orleans and Dr. Trey Driggers with the National Marine Fisheries Service, has discovered a genetically distinct species ...

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