Archive: 10/07/2008

New vaccines may not reduce TB incidence

( -- Despite the potential of new vaccines to prevent TB, new research shows that the removal of one strain of TB can allow a previously suppressed strain to succeed. Consequently, a vaccination ...

Oct 07, 2008
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Egg whites solve the 3-D problem

The real world is three-dimensional. That's true even in the laboratory, where scientists have to grow cells to study how they develop and what happens when their growth is abnormal.

Oct 07, 2008
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Killing 'angry' immune cells in fat could fight diabetes

By killing off "angry" immune cells that take up residence in obese fat and muscle tissue, researchers have shown that they can rapidly reverse insulin resistance in obese mice. The findings reported in the October Cell Me ...

Oct 07, 2008
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Scientists probe mechanism of asymmetry in meiotic cell division

The Stowers Institute's Rong Li Lab has characterized a mechanism that allows for asymmetrical cell division during meiosis in oocytes. By tracking chromosome movement in live mouse oocytes, the team discovered that chromosomes ...

Oct 07, 2008
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How are children choosing their food portions?

At dinner time, parents will often tell their child to clean their plate. However, that old maxim might lead kids to eat more than they need, especially when portions are adult-sized or supersized.

Oct 07, 2008
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