Archive: 09/07/2007

Normal role for schizophrenia risk gene identified

How the gene that has been pegged as a major risk factor for schizophrenia and other mood disorders that affect millions of Americans contributes to these diseases remains unclear. However, the results of a new study by Hopkins ...

dateSep 07, 2007 in Genetics
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Groovy Project Solving Cloudy Problem

Experiments in the PEP-II accelerator have shown that beam pipes with grooves can snare unwelcome electrons, greatly reducing the formation of electron clouds that can disturb the beam.

dateSep 07, 2007 in General Physics
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Toll charges reduce travel time

A smart introduction of a variable toll charge, with different rates at different departure times, reduces traffic jams. Even small toll charges can exert a large effect on the total travel time, concludes Dutch researcher ...

dateSep 07, 2007 in Other
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'Rain Man' mice provide model for autism

Mice containing a mutated human gene implicated in autism exhibit the poor social skills but increased intelligence akin to the title character’s traits in the movie “Rain Man,” researchers at UT Southwestern Medical ...

dateSep 07, 2007 in Medical research
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Scientists probe secret of bone's strength

New research at MIT has revealed for the first time the role of bone's atomistic structure in a toughening mechanism that incorporates two theories previously proposed by researchers eager to understand the ...

dateSep 07, 2007 in Condensed Matter
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