Archive: 08/07/2006

Infants, as Early as 6 Months, Do See Errors in Arithmetic

Using advanced brain sensor technology developed at the University of Oregon, researchers have confirmed often-debated findings from 1992 that showed infants as young as six months know when an arithmetic solution is wrong.

Aug 07, 2006
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New federal health care standards set

The Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan designed to increase the quality of medical care and stem the rate of inflation for health care.

Aug 07, 2006
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Scientists Solve Sour Taste Proteins

A team led by Duke University Medical Center researchers has discovered two proteins in the taste buds on the surface of the tongue that are responsible for detecting sour tastes.

Aug 07, 2006
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Nicotine found to protect against Parkinson's-like brain damage

New research suggests that nicotine treatment protects against the same type of brain damage that occurs in Parkinson's disease. The research was conducted in laboratory animals treated with MPTP, an agent that produces a ...

Aug 07, 2006
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