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Fundamental limitation to quantum computers

Quantum computers that store information in so-called quantum bits (or qubits) will be confronted with a fundamental limitation. This is the claim made by Dutch theoretical physicists from the Foundation for ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Bottom quarks reveal something of their identity

Dutch researcher Bram Wijngaarden investigated how bottom quarks are created during collisions between protons and antiprotons. Wijngaarden's measurements have contributed to a better understanding of the theory, and can ...

Jul 07, 2005
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NIGCOMSAT 1 Passes Design Appraisal

The NIGCOMSAT 1 (Nigerian Communication Satellite) to be exported to Nigeria has passed preliminary design appraisal on July 1st in Beijing. At present all the work, involving the satellite development, rocket production and ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Robot may perform breast exam

Researchers have built a robotic breast-examining hand that combines ultrasound with an artificial sense of touch, NewScientist reported.

Jul 07, 2005
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Ceramic Materials Improve Spacecraft Insulators

Scientists and engineers conducting research for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate have identified ceramic materials that could increase the life of ceramic Hall thruster insulators ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Scientists wonder where salmon are

Biologists and fish and wildlife experts in Washington State say only about 100,000 sockeye salmon have returned to spawn and they want to know why.

Jul 07, 2005
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Did middle class blacks abandon hoodoo?

Africans who clung to hoodoo as slaves in the United States may have quit the religious practice as they joined the middle class, a Maryland researcher says.

Jul 07, 2005
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