Archive: 10/06/2010

EU to Hungary: Don't let toxic sludge hit Danube

(AP) -- Hungary opened a criminal probe into the toxic sludge flood Wednesday and the European Union urged emergency authorities to do everything they can to keep the contaminated slurry from reaching the D ...

Oct 06, 2010
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FDA stresses need to modernize its science

(AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration must update its scientific tools for reviewing prescription drugs, medical devices and tracking food safety, according to a list of priorities laid out Wednesday by agency leadership.

Oct 06, 2010
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China faces hurdles amid quest for a Nobel Prize

(AP) -- It's Nobel season, and China is engaged in an annual bout of hand-wringing: Why can't the country that invented the compass and gunpowder - and that recently rocketed from poverty to global power ...

Oct 06, 2010
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