Archive: 06/03/2007

Sound waves turn natural gas into liquid

Worldwide, 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas is wasted every year. Now, the Denver-based company Swift LNG aims to turn that gas into a usable liquid fuel with a thermoacoustic natural gas liquefaction technology just ...

dateMar 06, 2007 in Energy & Green Tech
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Honda Unveils 'Small Hybrid Sports Concept'

Honda has unveiled a concept model which represents its interpretation of how a future hybrid model might appear. Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept, a design study model, demonstrates a unique fusion of advanced environmental ...

dateMar 06, 2007 in Other
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Ovarian Cancer May Mimic Fallopian Tube Formation

A new study suggests that ovarian cancer cells form by hijacking a developmental genetic process normally used to form fallopian tubes. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Ovarian Cancer Institute discovered ...

dateMar 06, 2007 in Cancer
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