Archive: 03/06/2007

Paper challenges 1491 Amazonian population theories

There's a scholarly debate brewing about whether pre-Columbian Amazonian populations settled in large numbers across Amazonia and created the modern forest setting that many conservationists take to be ‘natural.'

Mar 06, 2007
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Tonga quake not conducive to tsunami

Seismologists at Washington University in St. Louis and their colleagues in Australia, Japan and Tonga have determined why a large earthquake in Tonga did not cause a large tsunami. A tsunami warning was issued ...

Mar 06, 2007
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Sound waves turn natural gas into liquid

Worldwide, 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas is wasted every year. Now, the Denver-based company Swift LNG aims to turn that gas into a usable liquid fuel with a thermoacoustic natural gas liquefaction technology just ...

Mar 06, 2007
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Honda Unveils 'Small Hybrid Sports Concept'

Honda has unveiled a concept model which represents its interpretation of how a future hybrid model might appear. Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept, a design study model, demonstrates a unique fusion of advanced ...

Mar 06, 2007
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Ovarian Cancer May Mimic Fallopian Tube Formation

A new study suggests that ovarian cancer cells form by hijacking a developmental genetic process normally used to form fallopian tubes. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Ovarian Cancer ...

Mar 06, 2007
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Researchers design folate-packed tomato

Leafy greens and beans now aren’t the only foods that pack a punch of folate, the vitamin essential for a healthy start to pregnancy. Researchers at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences ...

Mar 06, 2007
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Children Under Stress Develop More Fevers

Children whose parents and families are under ongoing stress have more fevers with illness than other children. Published this month in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, the study also shows the unanticipated conclu ...

Mar 06, 2007
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