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WowWee Rovio WiFi Webcam A Consumer Wunderkind

( -- WowWee introduces the first consumer WiFi roving Webcam for being there without having to go there. The WowWee Rovio is PC/Mac compatible and measures approximately 13.5-inches x 12-inches x 14-inches and ...

dateJan 06, 2009 in Robotics weblog
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Plant polymerases IV and V are special forms of Polymerase II

( -- It's a little like finding out that Superman is actually Clark Kent. A team of biologists at Washington University in St. Louis has discovered that two vital cellular components, nuclear RNA Polymerases IV ...

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AMD Delivers New Platform for Ultrathin Notebooks

AMD today announced the availability of the AMD platform for ultrathin notebooks, enabling exceedingly thin and light OEM designs with rich entertainment capabilities at an affordable price. Previously codenamed "Yukon," ...

dateJan 06, 2009 in Hardware
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