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Philips Lighting The Way Through the 21st Century

Philips scientists envision a future of eco-friendly and aesthetic lighting solutions for consumers. Their R&D work in the area of OLED lighting will bring light to walls, ceiling, furniture, windows and most ...

Dec 05, 2007 weblog
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Cheese curd recalled in New York State

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the recall Wednesday of Heritage Cheese Ranch Peppercorn Cheese Curd because of a labeling error.

Dec 05, 2007
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Scientist: Infections can cause cancer

A U.S. scientist says cancer -- known to be caused by genetic cell mutations -- can also be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Dec 05, 2007
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Researcher develops realistic cancer growth models

Scientists can only develop new cancer drugs or search for cures by testing their theories on the real thing. Traditionally, they've done so by culturing cancer cells on petri dishes or plastic slides. But ...

Dec 05, 2007
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Pheromones identified that trigger aggression between male mice

A family of proteins commonly found in mouse urine is able to trigger fighting between male mice, a study in the Dec. 6, 2007, issue of Nature has found. The study, which is the first to identify protein pheromones respon ...

Dec 05, 2007
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Breast MRI spots other cancers, may alter treatment plan

In about 20 percent of women with breast cancer who plan to undergo a lumpectomy, breast magnetic resonance imaging reveals important diagnostic information that alters their treatment plan, University of Florida surgeons ...

Dec 05, 2007
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