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Tiny Enceladus May Hold Ingredients of Life

Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus is "absolutely a highlight" of the Cassini mission and should be targeted in future searches for life, Robert H. Brown of The University of Arizona, leader of the Cassini visual ...

Sep 05, 2005
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Epson Develops Postcard-Sized Mini-Projector

Epson announced that it had succeeded in developing a prototype postcard-sized mini-projector using an LED light source. With a footprint of just 13.8 by 10.3 centimeters (just smaller than a sheet of A6 paper) ...

Sep 05, 2005
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The Lure Of Europa

The discovery that Jupiter's moon Europa most likely has a cold, salty ocean beneath its frozen icy crust has put Europa on the short list of objects in our solar system that astrobiologists would like to study further.

Sep 05, 2005
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Deep-Sea Exploration Beneath Katrina's Wake

Despite having to evade hurricane Katrina, a team of scientists from Harbor Branch and other institutions is returning to port this Sunday with new tales from the deep after completing their second annual Deep Scope expedition. ...

Sep 05, 2005
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CCTV Launches High-Definition Digital Channel

Hangzhou viewers can enjoy high-definition television (HDTV) programs via a new movie channel launched by China Central Television (CCTV) beginning Thursday.

Sep 05, 2005
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Whales, seals used as ocean reporters

A Japanese university has begun attaching cameras and sensors to seals and whales as part of an investigation of the ocean environment.

Sep 05, 2005
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