Archive: 08/05/2005

New silicon germanium technology blooms at IBM

New technology for silicon germanium processors promises to reduce the cost of mobile consumer products, advance high-bandwidth wireless communications, and push such innovations as collision-avoidance automobile radar.

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Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor Now Available

AMD today announced that its industry-leading, dual-core technology is now available through the AMD64 Longevity Program, serving high-end embedded designs that require stable, longer-than-standard processor supply roadmaps. ...

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Soap Film Experiments in Microgravity

Four TCD theoretical physics undergraduates have returned from Bordeaux having completed a foam physics experiment in zero gravity with the European Space Agency.

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Missed opportunities in nano

Nanotechnology companies are missing opportunities to help corporate buyers integrate nanoscale components into advanced products, experts told UPI's Nano World.

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