Archive: 06/05/2006

Preble's mouse may be worthy of protection

U.S. scientists say the little-known, but controversial, Preble's meadow jumping mouse should continue to receive federal threatened species protection.

Jun 05, 2006
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'Cosmic Telescopes' May Have Found Infant Galaxies

Using massive clusters of galaxies as “cosmic telescopes,” a research team led by a Johns Hopkins University astronomer has found what may be infant galaxies born in the first billion years after the beginning ...

Jun 05, 2006
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Jupiter's 'Big Brother' Has Moon-Forming Dust Disk

Earth's Moon was created by an early collision with another large planetary body. It was a "chip off the old block." Mars captured its asteroidal moons as they passed by. But Jupiter made its own moons out ...

Jun 05, 2006
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Generics controversy issue widens

A dispute between the U.S. Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission over generic drugs is reportedly widening with implications for the drug firms.

Jun 05, 2006
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Networking: Y2K hangover finally ending?

Remember the Y2K panic back in 1999? That was the largely unfounded and shamelessly hyped by rapaciously greedy computer companies fear that all computers would cease functioning on Jan. 1, 2000, at midnight, due to somewhat ...

Jun 05, 2006
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