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A New Camera for Extrasolar Planets

It hasn't found planets yet—but in its first year of operation, the instrument has already proved its worth. For the better part of a year, an international team of astronomers has been working with a p ...

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Rambus Unveils Micro-Threading in DRAM Cores

Delivers up to 4x Performance Improvement in 3D Graphics and Other Applications Rambus Inc., one of the world's premier technology licensing companies specializing in high-speed chip interfaces, today unveiled an architect ...

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Mystery on the Hudson

Carbon exists in many forms in the air, soil, and water, and is an integral part of most living organisms. In a recent study, Stuart Findlay (Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York) discovered changes in the ...

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2004 Physics Nobel Laureate DNA Sells on eBay

MIT Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek and his wife, Betsy Devine, recently found themselves the subjects of an unusual eBay auction: Some enterprising students from a Swedish high school saved the glasses the two had sipped from ...

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Trust me, I'm a machine

An EU computer science project hopes to make the uncertainty attached to the pervasive computing future a lot more secure through establishing trust. Using the cost-benefit function at the heart of risk analysis, the IST ...

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