Archive: 02/05/2008

How crystal becomes a conductor

Squeeze a crystal of manganese oxide hard enough, and it changes from an electrical insulator to a conductive metal. In a report published online this week by the journal Nature Materials, researchers use computational modeli ...

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Novel molecules can boost vaccine potency

Two novel proteins studied by a University at Buffalo professor of microbiology and immunology appear to have the potential to enhance the production of antibodies against a multitude of infectious agents.

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Stem cell lines created from discarded IVF embryos

Human embryos that are discarded every day as medical waste from in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics could be an important source of stem cells for research, according to a team of Harvard Stem Cell Institute researchers ...

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WLAN leads the way

Wireless radio networks not only provide convenient access to the Internet; they also help pedestrians to reliably navigate through narrow city streets or buildings. Fraunhofer researchers and partners are currently demonstrating ...

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Climate change might affect hibernation

A U.S. study suggested global warning and its associated environmental changes could affect the survival of hibernating species, such as ground squirrels.

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