Archive: 06/04/2010

Hylas satellite on schedule for launch

( -- The completion of important tests on the Hylas telecommunications satellite has brought it a step closer to launch late this year. Once the final tests are completed, Hylas will be ready to ...

dateJun 04, 2010 in Space Exploration
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( -- The quest for the modern day Methuselah. A team of researchers tracked down the oldest of the old - people living beyond their 110th birthday.

dateJun 04, 2010 in Other
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Researchers make blood poisoning breakthrough

( -- The lives of millions of people struck down by blood poisoning - or sepsis - could be saved after a team of researchers, including an expert from the University of Glasgow, made a medical breakthrough in ...

dateJun 04, 2010 in Medical research
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Too much, too young?

( -- Society risks losing touch with reality in the debate about whether children are being exposed to adult, sexual content too young, because other agendas are creeping in "under the radar", ...

dateJun 04, 2010 in Social Sciences
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Climate change forces major vegetation shifts

( -- Vegetation around the world is on the move, and climate change is the culprit, according to a new analysis of global vegetation shifts led by a University of California, Berkeley, ecologist ...

dateJun 04, 2010 in Environment
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