Archive: 05/04/2006

Warming blamed for bird breeding errors

Netherlands researchers say climate change is leading birds to breed during periods of food shortages, causing population declines.

May 04, 2006
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Electrons choose another path in photosynthesis protein

In the famous Robert Frost poem, "The Road Not Taken," the persona, forced to travel one of two roads, takes the one less traveled by, and "that has made all the difference." Chemists at Washington University ...

May 04, 2006
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Money motivates memory, study finds

Money talks, but it might also help people remember: A team of Stanford scientists has shown for the first time that motivation—in the form of a reward—gets the brain ready to learn.

May 04, 2006
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Titan's Seas Are Sand

Until a couple of years ago, scientists thought the dark equatorial regions of Titan might be liquid oceans. New radar evidence shows they are seas -- but seas of sand dunes like those in the Arabian or Namibian ...

May 04, 2006
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Follow the nitrogen to extraterrestrial life

The narrow search for water may miss important clues, say USC geobiologists The great search for extraterrestrial life has focused on water at the expense of a crucial element, say geobiologists at the University of Southern Cal ...

May 04, 2006
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Monkeys draw novel conclusions, researchers say

Monkeys keep turning out to be smarter than people think they are. Researchers have shown that they can count to four and are aware of differences between languages like Dutch and Japanese, even though they ...

May 04, 2006
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SSRL Aids Development of Plastic Electronics

For close to a decade, researchers have been trying to improve the performance of plastic semiconductors to the level of amorphous silicon—the semiconductor used in low-cost electronics such as photovoltaic ...

May 04, 2006
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