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LG Pioneers Tomorrow's Home Today

LG Electronics Initiates First LnCP Consortium for Standardization of Home Networks LG Electronics (LG) is leading the international expansion of groundbreaking "Home Network" technology, connecting all home a ...

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Gates Scholar Aims to Revolutionize Computing

Anthony Hylick doesn’t want much out of life, only to help develop what could be the biggest revolution in computing since the Internet. Now, he'll have his chance. As Georgia Tech's latest recipient of the Gates Cambridge Sch ...

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You Are What You Listen to

Users of Digital Music Sharing System Judge Others by their Playlists Co-workers sharing digital music in the workplace via Apple Computer’s popular iTunes software form impressions of each other based o ...

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Making the intelligent workspace a reality

"Our plan is to have 'the' operating system for buildings." So says Richard Green, CEO of the newly-established Cambridge (UK) start-up Ubisense, about his company’s revolutionary new technology for locating staff within ...

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Kids follow unhealthy role models - parents

Fat teenagers rejoice, you can now blame your parents and the first five years of your life for your plumpness. New Brisbane research proves fat parents are more likely to have fat children who will grow into fat teenagers if ...

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