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Expedition 12 Jets SuitSat-1, Completes Second Spacewalk

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS), American astronaut William MacArthur and Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev, made a space walk lasting nearly six hours. The spacewalk ended Friday at 11:27 ...

Feb 04, 2006
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Verizon gaming services bust stereotypes

The classic stereotype of the antisocial video gamer alone in his basement is due for a renovation. Though there are more gamers than ever before, they are managing to find each other, through multi-player online games.

Feb 04, 2006
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Disposition affects how failure is felt

Failure by a person with a generally gloomy outlook is a bigger setback than failure by someone with a sunnier disposition, say U.S. researchers.

Feb 04, 2006
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Mobile industry key to Africa's future

Africa will see a significant rise in mobile subscribers between 2006 and 2011, adding as many as 265 million new subscribers, according to a recent study that indicates telecommunications will narrow the gap in the digital ...

Feb 04, 2006
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