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Regulation set to take effect tomorrow, Jan. 5, 2007, is designed to reduce medication errors in California hospitals and free pharmacists for greater involvement in direct patient care rather than in non-discretionary (clerical) ...

dateJan 04, 2007 in Other
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Saturn dominates the night sky in January

The highlight of January will be the planet Saturn, which will rise in the east around 8 p.m. local time at the start of the month and two hours earlier by month's end. The planet with the famous rings will be almost at its ...

dateJan 04, 2007 in Astronomy
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A bumpy shift from ice house to greenhouse

The transition from an ice age to an ice-free planet 300 million years ago was highly unstable, marked by dips and rises in carbon dioxide, extreme swings in climate and drastic effects on tropical vegetation, according to ...

dateJan 04, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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