Archive: 03/12/2008

Genes determine whether sugar pills work

It is a well-known fact in drug trials that individuals can respond just as well to placebos, sugar pills, as to the active drug. On the other hand, it is difficult to explain why only certain people get better from placebos. ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Genetics
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A spoonful of sugar?

The widespread problem of children failing to take their medication for a range of life-threatening illnesses is to be tackled as part of a new university research project.

dateDec 03, 2008 in Health
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New 'control knobs' for stem cells identified

Natural changes in voltage that occur across the membrane of adult human stem cells are a powerful controlling factor in the process by which these stem cells differentiate, according to research published by Tufts University ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in
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Some 70 percent of schoolchildren don't walk to school

Days when schoolchildren walked to neighbourhood schools are long gone. A new study by a team of researchers led by Paul Lewis, a professor of Urban Planning at the Université de Montréal, shows that only 30 percent of ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Health
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3-D laser scanning: A new soil quality measurement

Soil researchers pay close attention to bulk density, as it is one of the most common soil measurements and it is often used as a measure of soil quality. A soil's bulk density can be indicative of the ease of root penetration, ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Environment
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