Archive: 11/03/2008

Clicking knees are antelopes' way of saying 'back off'

Knee clicking can establish mating rights among antelopes. A study of eland antelopes, published in the open access journal BMC Biology, has uncovered the dominance displays used by males to settle disput ...

Nov 03, 2008
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Rainforest fungus makes diesel

( -- A unique fungus that makes diesel compounds has been discovered living in trees in the rainforest, according to a paper published in the November issue of Microbiology. The fungus is potent ...

Nov 03, 2008
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Native birds might restock poultry industry's genetic stock

As concerns such as avian flu, animal welfare and consumer preferences impact the poultry industry, the reduced genetic diversity of commercial bird breeds increases their vulnerability and the industry's ...

Nov 03, 2008
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Forensic chemists verify human remains from fat deposits

( -- In the absence of evidence such as bones, clothing or strands of hair, forensic investigators can verify whether a body decomposed at a site indoors by looking for traces of lingering fat ...

Nov 03, 2008
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STAR TRAK for November

( -- Venus and Jupiter, the brightest planets in the sky, will steadily approach each other during November as if drawn by their mutual brillliance. Finally they will have a spectacular encounter ...

Nov 03, 2008
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Women have more diverse hand bacteria than men

A new University of Colorado at Boulder study indicates that not only do human hands harbor far higher numbers of bacteria species than previously believed, women have a significantly greater diversity of microbes on their ...

Nov 03, 2008
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