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How we remember each other

Researchers at McGill University’s Douglas Mental Health University Institute, in collaboration with a French team at the University of Paris, have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify the part of the brain ...

dateApr 03, 2007 in Medical research
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How did life on Earth originate?

Did life arrive from space? Rather than developing here, could the first life forms have been catapulted to Earth on a chunk of rock from outer space? Investigations show that microbes are capable of surviving just such a ...

dateApr 03, 2007 in Other
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Noise-absorbing windows

The noise of aircraft taking off, road traffic or a booming discotheque often drive inhabitants of the neighborhood to a nervous frenzy. The first-ever windows with active sound insulation offer much-needed relief to local ...

dateApr 03, 2007 in Engineering
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Weighing the financial risks of nuclear power

Enticed by the gleam of government subsidies, many companies are rushing to invest in nuclear power, expecting that new technology and safer reactors will make them as good an investment as other types of power plants.

dateApr 03, 2007 in Environment
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Hubble's view of barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672

NGC 1672, visible from the Southern Hemisphere, is seen almost face on and shows regions of intense star formation. The greatest concentrations of star formation are found in the so-called starburst regions near the ends ...

dateApr 03, 2007 in Astronomy
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Cure for cancer one step closer

The cure for cancer is one step closer this week with the first collections of cancer tissue taking place at the new Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank.

dateApr 03, 2007 in Cancer
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