Archive: 01/03/2006

Scientific breakthrough a step toward quantum computing

Light is the solution. It's also the problem. That's the paradox HP Labs' Quantum Information Processing Group is beginning to unravel with its research into optical quantum computing. The group has been investigating ...

Jan 03, 2006
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Nanotech discovery could have radical implications

It has been 20 years since futurist Eric Drexler daringly predicted a world where miniaturized robots would build things one molecule at a time. The world of nanotechnology is beginning to come to pass, with ...

Jan 03, 2006
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Plasma thruster tested for Mars mission

Technology invented by ANU physicists could see expeditions to Mars become a reality, with the European Space Agency (ESA) announcing it will begin full-scale trials next year.

Jan 03, 2006
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Fix for Windows vulnerability due Jan. 10

Microsoft said Tuesday it would be about a week before it would release a fix for a vulnerability in Windows that opens the doors to viruses and spyware.

Jan 03, 2006
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Ancient fish fossils uncovered in China

A large layer of fish fossils, estimated to be more than 70 million years ago, was found in a bamboo forest in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Jan 03, 2006
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Will NTL up ante for Virgin Mobile?

Telecom analysts were waiting Tuesday to see if NTL would indeed up its bid for Virgin Mobile as predicted in a weekend newspaper report.

Jan 03, 2006
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The first baby boom

In an important new study assessing the demographic impact of the shift from foraging to farming, anthropologists use evidence from 60 prehistoric American cemeteries to prove that the invention of agriculture led to a significant ...

Jan 03, 2006
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Building interoperability into medical information

Modern health information systems today are proprietary and often only serve one department making it impossible to easily share data across one facility, never mind across different facilities or countries. ...

Jan 03, 2006
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Deforestation may spread malaria

Scientists say they have found a link between deforestation and the spread of malaria in the Peruvian Amazon.

Jan 03, 2006
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