Archive: 12/02/2011

Human skin yields stem cell-like cells

Researchers from the UCLA School of Dentistry investigating how stem cells can be used to regenerate dental tissue have discovered a way to produce cells with stem cell-like characteristics from the most common type of human ...

dateDec 02, 2011 in Biochemistry
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A novel way to concentrate sun's heat

Most technologies for harnessing the sun’s energy capture the light itself, which is turned into electricity using photovoltaic materials. Others use the sun’s thermal energy, usually concentrating ...

dateDec 02, 2011 in Energy & Green Tech
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Virtual predictions beat destruction

( -- Before computer modelling there was only one way to discover the limits of a metal alloy, or any other material – test it to destruction. The problems with this approach are obvious: it’s expensive, ...

dateDec 02, 2011 in Engineering
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Seeing brands as people

From the Michelin Man to the Pillsbury Doughboy, anthropomorphized brands have often been used by companies eager to put a personal face on their products. Now new research shows that thinking about brands as people can make ...

dateDec 02, 2011 in Social Sciences
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