Archive: 11/02/2006

VLA Discovers Giant Rings Around Galaxy Cluster

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope have discovered giant, ring-like structures around a cluster of galaxies. The discovery provides tantalizing new information ...

Nov 02, 2006
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Earth: The Lone Pale Blue Dot?

A recent photo from the Cassini spacecraft shows the mighty planet Saturn, and if you look very closely between its wing-like rings, a faint pinprick of light. That tiny dot is Earth bustling with life as we ...

Nov 02, 2006
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Icelandic swarms may provide hints on ecosystems

Wisconsin ecologists have ventured into remote parts of Iceland to explore a startling phenomenon in which trillions of gnat-like bugs periodically rise up to form hovering swarms so thick they resemble waves ...

Nov 02, 2006
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Political-Genetic Theory Is Studied

(AP) -- Politics may not be in the blood, but it could be in the genes. That's the theory a team of political scientists and geneticists is trying to prove with extensive studies of twins, genes and brain scans.

Nov 02, 2006
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Funnel in the eye: Signal focusing increases photosensitivity

In poor light the eyes of mice react like some digital cameras: they reduce their resolution while at the same time increasing their sensitivity. Specialists in the retina focus the information of several light sensor cells ...

Nov 02, 2006
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U of T home to first molecular printer in Canada

Think of it as a miniscule dot-matrix printer that uses biological ink. Students and faculty at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Optical Sciences (IOS) will have access to the Nano eNabler, the first benchtop molecular ...

Nov 02, 2006
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Next energy technologies may mimic nature

New technologies will play a major role in providing the world's growing population with the energy it will need in the coming decades--that was one of the messages of the MIT Museum's second of three "Soap Box" events devoted ...

Nov 02, 2006
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