Archive: 10/02/2006

Emergency tests focus on lab radioactivity analyses

Working under severe time pressure, government laboratories can analyze radioactive samples fairly quickly -- in a matter of hours -- but with variable accuracy, and sometimes relaxed quality control procedures, according ...

Oct 02, 2006
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Cialis aids prostate cancer sex function

Dutch scientists say they have found a drug usually prescribed for erectile dysfunction in men increases the sexual function of prostate cancer survivors.

Oct 02, 2006
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MetOp launch postponed

EUMETSAT has announced that on Saturday 30 September the upper composite (comprising the MetOp spacecraft, the Fregat upper stage and the Soyuz fairing) experienced a slight mechanical shock. It was then decided ...

Oct 02, 2006
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The Branes Behind String Theory

“The thing about our universe,” says David Lyth, a professor at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, “is that it is not completely uniform. This has been a bit of a puzzle to cosmologists.” He explains that ...

Oct 02, 2006 feature
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Stellar vampires unmasked

Astronomers have found possible proofs of stellar vampirism in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae. Using ESO's Very Large Telescope, they found that some hot, bright, and apparently young stars in the cluster ...

Oct 02, 2006
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Built-in Blocker: Drug and antidote in the same molecule

In cases of serious side effects or overdoses of medications, it can be vital to have a fast-acting antidote on hand. This is especially true of drugs that inhibit blood clotting, which are used to prevent and treat thromboses ...

Oct 02, 2006
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